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How popular is the dance video at the wedding Ceremony of the couple from Washington who danced there way down the aisle. Once again it proves how important it is to have a professional wedding videographer there to capture the motion and the sound that you don’t get through your photo’s. What a great dvd they will have to relive those moments to be able to share with their family, friends and one day there grandchildren. This is why I am concerned that wedding video’s are not as high on the wedding priority list as they should be after all once the day is gone what are you left with, memories and maybe photo’s. Don’t leave it to family or friends who should be enjoying the day just to save a few dollars. I have had couple’s come to me in tears with a video that has poor quality sound and are unable to hear the vowels and peoples feet being filmed or even worse missing parts of the ceremony because they thought they were recording when they actually weren’t. You only get one chance on the biggest day of your life so leave it to the professionals to capture all the love and emotion of your day and sit back and enjoy a professional wedding dvd you can cherish for years to come. You spend thousands on your wedding day so have a look at the price of a wedding dvd in comparison with everything else and you will realise how affordable and what value for money a dvd really is.

Posted on Jul 26, 2009

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